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The Native American Museum of Art (NAMA) is dedicated to strengthen, preserve and revitalize Native American cultural arts.
The Native American Museum of Art (NAMA) offers innovative and creative Native American art exhibits and collections, featuring the works of Joseph Jacobs, as well as Native American education, research, and language information.

Open 7 Days a Week. Free Admission.

The Native American Museum of Art (NAMA) is located on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation at Smokin Joes Indian Trading Post.

Explore and experience 3500 square feet of artistic museum space dedicated to strengthening, preserving and revitalizing Native American arts, languages and cultures.

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Featured Artist: Joseph Jacobs

Native American Artist, Joseph Jacobs, [Cayuga; Bear Clan] and his Narratives in Stone, including soapstone, alabaster, limestone and clay sculptures as well as bronze castings, are featured at the Native American Museum of Art located at Smokin Joes Indian Trading Post in Sanborn, NY.

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The Native American Museum of Art hosts the works of internationally renowned sculptor, Joseph Jacobs. Dedicated to the dynamic vision of Iroquois culture, Joseph Jacobs’ sculptures penetrate the ancient knowledge and traditions of the Iroquois people. His artistic production breathes renewed life as a sign of strong culture within the Six Nations. As a powerful genius to the soapstone medium, his artistic vision has influenced an entire school of contemporary Iroquois stone carvers. As a recognized master of the stone medium, Joseph Jacobs works have been published in National Geographic and Canadian Geographical magazines and even featured in a CBS documentary “Spirits Speaking Through.” Joseph also received an honorary doctorate degree from Trent University. In 1981, Jacobs was commissioned by the Canadian House of Commons to create a sculpture commemorating the Iroquois’ Great Law of Peace. The limestone, five-panel work took four-and-a-half years to create and is permanently installed in the Canadian House of Commons. He was awarded the Order of Canada in 1985 for his contributions to the Canadian Native Art Heritage.

Exhibitions of Jacobs’ carving, polishing and re-etching techniques in rock allows NAMA visitors to discover the ancient knowledge of the Iroquois through aboriginal mediums. Jacobs brought a strong voice to his Cayuga roots, Iroquois history, and history associated with the Niagara Falls region. Jacobs shared, “I want to give permanence in stone to the legends of my people.” The Native American Museum of Art proudly features Joseph Jacobs most recent and perhaps greatest works. Witness a renaissance of Aboriginal art and Joseph Jacobs as one of the masters at the Native American Museum of Art. Joseph Jacobs passed into the spirit world in 2015.

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